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Product Liability Lawyers

We all use various types of products every day of our lives. We drive cars, place our children in car seats, use electrical appliances, place our infants in cribs, buy tires, etc. We constantly utilize an infinite number of products.

When we use a product, we expect it to function safely and properly and for its intended purpose. There may also be dangers related to those products–some quite obvious but others that the general public may have no awareness of. Accordingly, we should expect that if there are dangers associated with using a particular product, the manufacturer will provide adequate warning and instructions for safe use.

Katzman Wasserman Bennardini & Rubinstein Represent Those Injured From Defective Products.


Product Liabilty Lawyers

Unfortunately, many products malfunction, or are defective in design or purpose. Further, the lack of warnings about a product, product malfunction, manufacturing defects and inherent design flaws can cause significant injuries, or even loss of life.

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Fort Lauderdale Product Liability Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed due to a defective product, you may have the right to compensation. If you are seeking help with a product liability case, let the expert product liability attorneys at Katzman Wasserman Bennardini & Rubinstein help you.

Product liability cases are typically both complicated and expensive to prove, with expert witnesses culminating in a “battle of expert witnesses” from around the country. Our firm has the experience and the substantial resources necessary to successfully litigate the most complex of product liability cases.

We are committed to making certain our clients receive maximum compensation for their injuries and their losses. If you have been injured by a product or have lost a loved one due to a defective product and have questions or concerns, we can help you resolve them.

Evidence and testimony must be preserved, obtained and reviewed.

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