The firm handles a wide array of complex commercial, business and financial disputes on behalf of both those filing lawsuits or arbitration claims and those defending against such claims. These cases often involve complex disputes over the ownership, management control and compensation due, irrespective of whether the business is a public or private company, limited liability company, partnership, joint venture or sole proprietorship.

Some of the practices areas under the heading of Complex Commercial Litigation are discussed in more details under the section “Business Litigation“.

Because of the breadth of this practice area, we often say that commercial litigation is more easily defined in the exclusive than the inclusive. It involves virtually every type of financial dispute imaginable, with the exception of personal injury and criminal law matters. Personal injury and wrongful death matters are handled by our firm under the leadership of on of co-founding attorney, Jay Wasserman.

Criminal cases are referred to experienced attorneys in firms well-recognized for handling such matters, with support and coordination from us when the criminal matter bears some relationship to or has an effect on the commercial dispute in civil court or arbitration.

We also pride ourselves in partnering with our clients by offering contingency fee representation in appropriate cases. The majority of our cases on behalf of clients filing lawsuits or arbitration claims now involve at least a partial contingency fee relationship in order to reduce the client’s out-of-pocket obligations, while at the same time creating a win-win opportunity for both client and his lawyer.