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Between them Steve and Jay have been practicing law for nearly 60 years. They met long ago, as high school honor students on the debate team. The two have been best friends for nearly forty years. Each served as the best man at the other’s wedding.

The Law Firm Attorneys (Left To Right) : Craig A. Rubinstein, Jay M. Wasserman, Steven M. Katzman, Charles J. Bennardini

The Law Firm Attorneys (Left To Right) :
Craig A. Rubinstein – Jay M. Wasserman –
Steven M. Katzman – Charles J. Bennardini

Steve was born in New York and moved to South Florida as a young child. Jay is a true “Florida Local”– born in Miami Beach. Both come from humble beginnings, growing up in working class families that struggled to provide opportunities for their children. Their parents stressed the importance of education, hard work and integrity – a recipe for later success.

Steve and Jay each worked for prestigious law firms in South Florida. Jay started his own successful law firm over twenty years ago specializing on Personal Injury and Wrongful Death litigation. Steve served as a partner in two renowned South Florida law firms, focusing on complex commercial and business litigation.

Both Steve and Jay were successful in their own legal practices. However, they often lamented that they saw each other rarely, given their busy schedules. As they both approached their 40th birthdays they sat down to discuss creating a new law firm. During this process, they quickly realized that although their practices differed, each were based upon maximizing, proving and collecting damages for their clients. Thus, the Firm was formed in January 2001, on Jay’s 40th birthday.

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Since then, a great synergy has occurred. Both practices have thrived. In fact, the firm has successfully collected over 150 million dollars on behalf of its clients during the past ten years.

Steve and Jay learned long ago that hard work and integrity are the keys to success. Their formula is utilized in every legal matter that the Firm handles. All of the Firm’s attorneys understand this philosophy and we are proud to represent those clients that need a law firm to protect their legal rights and seek recovery of all damages that they have suffered.