Personal Injury Case Results – Florida Recovery Specialists


The Firm have successfully handled and/or litigated thousands of personal injury claims.

The cases below are but a few of those handled. There is not enough space to list all verdicts and recoveries. Obviously, each case differs as to the facts, liability and damages. Past results do not guaranty future results. The Firm believes that these case results evidence the fact that it regularly handles large personal injury claims. All results are before fees and expenses. Your inquiry is encouraged if you feel you have a case.  Please Contact Us Immediately.

    • Wrongful Death: $5,000,000.00

      A truck driver was involved in a roll-over accident due to being cut-off during rush hour traffic. The defendants claimed that they were not at fault and the Plaintiff over-reacted and caused the roll-over. Further, the defendants claimed that the Plaintiff was a poor father and contested damages.

    • Catastrophic Injuries to Extremities: $4,000,000.00

      The client suffered severe traumatic injuries to his arm, shoulder and hip which required multiple surgeries and left him unable to work.

    • Construction Defects Litigation: $3,800,000,00

      Over the years, our firm has successfully represented numerous associations for construction defects. Most recently, KWBR successfully represented a community association against numerous contractors and other parties respecting construction defects. The litigation was contentiously defended and went to trial. KWBR was able to force the defendants to settle the case during the scheduled six week trial for approximately $3,800,000.00.

    • Automobile Accident: $3,000,000.00

      The client was rear-ended and suffered significant damages.

    • Medical Malpractice: $2,800,000.00

      Surgical complications improperly treated.

    • Medical Malpractice: $2,600,000.00

      A medical condition was mis-diagnosed.

    • Wrongful Death: $1,800,000.00

      The client was killed due to a defective product. Defendants contested liability and a lawsuit was filed. Expert witnesses were essential to this recovery.

    • Wrongful Death: $1,600,000.00

      The case involved the wrongful death of an elderly gentleman due to an automobile accident. The firm immediately retained expert witnesses to reconstruct the accident and to prove the fault of the other driver. Damages included the consortium loss of his spouse, economic losses to the decedent’s estate, as well as other economic claims. Our law firm filed claims against several insurers and we recovered 100% of the available insurance coverage.

    • Automobile Accident: $1,100,000.00

      The client was injured in an automobile accident and suffered lower back injuries requiring surgery. The Firm successfully proved significant permanent injuries as well as a loss of income capacity. The evidence that was presented included detailed medical and economic analysis of these damages. The Firm recovered the full amount of the available primary insurance policy, as well as additional monies under an excess insurance policy. The result was $1,100,000.00, for the Plaintiff.

    • Negligent Security $1,000,000.00

      The case involved serious injuries suffered at a private club by a patron due to negligent security. Our firm immediately retained an expert to document the extent of the injuries and the effect it would have on the client’s quality of life. We also hired an expert to investigate the circumstances of the event and the failure of the club to protect its patrons. We immediately filed claims against those responsible and recovered 100% of the available insurance coverage.

    • Automobile Accident: $1,000,000.00

      The client was injured and suffered neck injuries requiring surgery. Although he recovered, his earning capacity was significantly affected. The Firm was successful in recovering the full amount of the available insurance policy, $1,000,000.00, for the Plaintiff.

    • Wrongful death: $1,000,000.00

      The client was a passenger in a motor vehicle accident and died. A lawsuit was filed and the defendant contested liability. The litigation was lengthy and involved numerous experts hired by both sides. The defendant paid the full amount of the insurance policy prior to trial.

    • Construction Accident: $900,000.00

      The client was injured on a job site due to the defective loading of construction equipment.

    • Automobile Accident: $845,000.00

      The client was a pedestrian struck by a vehicle. A minimal settlement offer was made and the Firm filed a lawsuit. The case was settled prior to trial.

    • Automobile Accident: $775,000.00

      The client was a passenger injured in an automobile accident. The client recovered but had permanent injuries and wage losses.

    • Automobile Accident: $760,000.00

      The client was a passenger in a sedan that was injured in an automobile accident involving a commercial truck. The client recovered but had permanent neck and back injuries. Liability was contested and we hired an expert to perform a detailed accident reconstruction. This established that the driver of the commercial truck was speeding and was negligent in its operation. We recovered $760,000.00 for the Plaintiff.

    • Automobile Accident $700,000.00

      The client was the driver of an automobile struck by a commercial vehicle that suffered injuries to his spine. Expert witnesses were retained to document the significance of the injuries and their effect on the client’s quality of life. We were able to successfully resolve the matter with the attorneys for the other driver.

    We look forward to discussing the particular facts of any case with prospective clients. All personal injury claims are handled on a contingent fee basis. No fees or costs are paid unless the Firm recovers monies for the client.