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Our team of lawyers represents families of Wrongful Death Victims in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Orange Counties and throughout the entire State of Florida.

When a loved one has been killed due to the negligence of another, our Firm understands the significant and lasting emotional and financial impact that it will have on the entire family. Our law firm takes great pride in the careful steps that we take to ensure that your privacy is respected. Many clients initially wish to wait until after arrangements are completed to contact a lawyer.

Our experience has taught us that it is absolutely essential that we become involved immediately. Potential defendants are aware of the accident and will send investigators to the scene of an accident within hours. The accident scene can change within a short time, due to traffic, weather conditions or disturbance from police or third parties. Evidence can be taken or destroyed. There is no time to waste. Representing a family who has lost a loved one is a solemn responsibility that we take very seriously. We strive to provide the affected loved ones with the emotional support and kindness that they deserve.

We Will Help You Recover Damages Suffered Due to Your Loved One’s Wrongful Death. Under Florida law, families of a lost loved one may be entitled to recover both non-economic and economic damages.

Attorneys for Wrongful Death, Pain & SufferingNon-economic damages, commonly known as pain and suffering damages are recoverable by loved ones for the loss of the relationship and companionship that they would have had with the decedent had the death not occurred. These damages can obviously be extremely significant. Florida law provides for recovery by defined family members. The devastating effect of the loss of a husband, wife, father, or child is often difficult and painful to express. Our lawyers understand how to educate and inform a jury as to the full extent of these losses. We often utilize expert witnesses to assist in this process. Our experienced lawyers will guide the family through this process and will use its best efforts to assist the jury in awarding full compensation to the family.

Economic damages may include medical expenses incurred prior to death, as well as other financial losses including, without limitation, loss of earnings and benefits that the decedent would have had accumulated throughout his or her lifetime. These damages can also be quite significant. Economists will often be hired to assist in quantifying these losses for a jury. These damages often pale in comparison to the non-economic losses suffered by the loved ones from the loss of their respective relationship with the loved one.

Although no amount of money can bring back a lost loved one, the monetary value of these types of cases is potentially very high. Losses are often in the millions of dollars.

Another reason why it is so important that you have the right wrongful death attorney on your side is that the success of a wrongful death case often depends upon the careful selection and sequencing of witnesses who will testify at trial. KWBR will coordinate every aspect of a wrongful death case with the goal of clearly demonstrating to the jury the gravity of the family’s loss.

Although the deceased person cannot obviously testify about how the accident occurred, we will utilize as necessary, the testimony of any eyewitnesses as well as hire experts in accident reconstruction to prove this part of his or her case. We also believe that the use of photographs, diagrams and videos is also an important tool in maximizing the value of a case. These can help a jury understand the significance of the personal losses suffered by the family. In many ways, they “bring back to life” the decedent and allow the jury to award proper compensation.

Wrongful Death Expert Testimony

At Katzman Wasserman Bennardini & Rubinstein, we have the resources and skill to seek justice on behalf of our clients in even the most complicated cases. Our attorneys average more than 25 years experience and will devote the time and energy necessary to attempt to deliver successful results in a wide range of injury litigation. We have experience in complex forms of litigation, including:

We handle a wide range of wrongful death cases, including:

  • Automobile Accidents
  • Trucking Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Defective products
  • Medical malpractice
  • Accidents caused by a defective drug or product
  • Accidents due to a defective vehicle or tire
  • Any fatal accident

We have handled many such catastrophic losses over the last 25 years. Each case has its own set of facts and circumstances. Rest assured that each case will be handled with the greatest care and respect. We spare no expense in preparing your case to insure a maximum recovery

If you find it necessary to consult an attorney about a wrongful death matter, contact the expert Florida wrongful death attorneys at Katzman Wasserman Bennardini & Rubinstein, call us toll free at 877-566-3111. The Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Orlando Fatal Accident Lawyers. We will immediately be by your side to help you through this difficult time. Consult with us before speaking to any insurance company – We Can Help!