Commercial Litigation Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation Practice Areas

The Firm’s complex commercial and business litigation practice includes a wide spectrum of representation for our clients, whether Plaintiff or Defendant. We have obtained optimal results for our clients in litigation involving:

  • Arbitration

    Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution. It often allows the parties more control over the timing, cost and process of the case. Our firm has extensive experience in arbitrating a wide range of arbitration claims, including medical and law firm practice disputes, securities claims, construction contract disputes and other commercial and consumer claims.

  • Financial Damages

    The primary objective of every plaintiff in a commercial litigation matter is to collect money. Very often, however, attorneys focus on establishing liability, and do not analyze damages until the end of the case. The risk in that approach is that if damages cannot be proven and /or cannot be proven to the extent originally anticipated, then substantial resources will have been spent litigating liability that may end up being a poor use of those resources. What sets the Firm apart from other firms is that it recognizes the importance of analyzing financial damages issues at the beginning of litigation, rather than the end. The Firm then applies its vast experience in financial damages that include lost profits, loss of market capitalization, diminution of stock value, loss of goodwill, and loss of intangible assets such as trademarks and copyrights.

    Based upon our experience in focusing on the quantification of financial losses, our Firm is often asked to apply this experience to more than just contact or business tort claims. We are frequently asked to handle high net work family law disputes, particularly where ownership and valuation of family businesses or investments are at issue. Similarly, we apply the same principles to personal tort claims, which involve financial and emotional losses and often provide for punitive damages, such as claims for defamation or intentional infliction of emotional distress.

  • Legal and Accounting Malpractice

    The Firm has become well-known for representing plaintiffs in complex legal and accounting malpractice actions; a niche that is occupied by relatively few attorneys. Our diverse complex commercial litigation practice has enabled us to effectively represent clients in a wide range of legal and accounting malpractice actions in areas such as corporate, auditing, contracts, real estate, trusts and estates, and family law.

  • Corporate and Shareholder Disputes

    The Firm has extensive experience representing both corporations and shareholders, and similar legal entities and owners, with respect to ownership, managemetn control and compensation disputes. Our experience includes all aspects of shareholder rights, including shareholder derivative and oppression actions. We also handles claims arising from stock acquisitions, capital investments and other corporate transactions. We are also experienced with respect to fiduciary duty claims and investigations of both public and private companies.

  • Partnership Litigation

    A significant amount of the Firm’s practice is devoted to partnership law. The firm has represented clients in many different types of partnership disputes, ranging from disputes between family members who owned a business together, to law firms, medical practices and their partners embroiled in litigation against one another.

  • Securities Litigation

    The Firm has extensive experience in all aspects of securities litigation, including lawsuits, arbitrations, whistleblower internal investigation claims and SEC.

  • Real Estate and Construction Litigation

    The Firm handles many different real estate and construction litigation matters, which include construction defects, insurance claims, contractual issues, and foreclosures. The Firm represents a range of clients from major developers such as Lennar and WCI Communities to individual clients. We also have extensive experience pursing hurricane damages claims, including litigation and appraisals.

  • Probate Litigation

    The Firm is also experienced in serving clients in adverse proceedings in probate litigation. Sometimes, during the administration of a probate estate, disputes arise between beneficiaries or between beneficiaries and creditors. In such an instance, litigation ensues before the probate judge under the civil rules. The issues which arise in such proceedings are much like those handled by the Firm in its everyday practice — breach of fiduciary duty claims, the need for an accounting, contract claims, among many others. The lawyers of Katzman, Wasserman, Bennardini & Rubenstein, P.A. are experienced and well-suited for such adverse probate litigation.